No shipping available by air or ground. Pick Up Preferred. Will drive to Des Moines, IA, Columbia MO, and Trenton MO for no charge.
Pups are a serious commitment, I hope that we are able to meet you and go over any questions.  

If you select a puppy and ask us to hold until you can receive the puppy we do require a deposit that is non refundable and is applied toward the purchase price of chosen puppy or other available upon visit.   Questions and Comments always welcome.  

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 I, Barbi Akers, do guarantee to the best of my knowledge, I am providing the buyer with a healthy puppy accompanied with a health certificate from a Licensed Missouri Veterinarian with 10 days of being transferred to his/her new home. Said puppy has been vaccinated of any diseases such as Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, and Corona. Puppy will also come with a current shot/deworming record and registration papers if applicable. If papers have not been received by breeder on shipping date, they will follow shortly via U.S. Postal Service. 
Not guaranteed is any stress related motion sickness due to the transport for instance, minor coughing/sneezing due to paper dust found in shredded paper which transport uses to keep puppy dry/comfortable during transport, motion sickness due to air shipping.  
Required by buyer to fulfill the guarantee
Must take the puppy to a get a well puppy check within 10 days of receipt, excluding Holidays and Sundays.
Must attend any scheduled checkup dates made by your vet of choice.  
Must provide quality food, water, shelter and medical attention if needed. 
Must keep records as to the above for the period of 1 year and willing to provide if needed.  
Any and all vet expenses for the puppy are the responsibility of the buyer from the moment of receipt.  
If buyer should misrepresent him/herself as a pet owner and it is proven, has purchased the puppy for breeding purposes that are not disclosed to the seller all guarantees are void. 


For the period of one year any life threatening defects such as heart, kidney or lungs caused by genetic problems would merit the buyer a replacement puppy when available. This guarantee is to the original buyer and not transferred to any future owners. 
Rescue Guarantee 
If for any reason you cannot keep the dog in its lifetime, if you cannot find a home for puppy/dog, it is buyers’ responsibility to pay for return shipping for the dog to be rehomed this guarantee follows the dog for its lifetime. 

This agreement is made in the State of Missouri and any disputes and all cases will be judged in/settled by Missouri State Laws or in Missouri State Courts in County of Sellers residence.

Breed of Puppy:___________________Seller: _______________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________Buyer: _______________________________

Date of pick up/delivery: __________________

Your puppies’ vaccinations and deworming will be on the vet certificate. Your veterinarian should continue your puppy on a vaccinations/de-worming schedule. Puppies in a new environment may be scared at first since everything is new and different to them.  
 They need to be introduced to new family members and other pets with reassurance from you as they feel safe, secure, and loved. Holding your puppy and talking to them for the first moments of arrival will help acquaint them to the new environment.  
 I recommend most any good quality puppy food. Just check the first ingredient to make sure the first ingredient is a protein ex. (chicken, chicken meal, or chicken by-product meal) this will insure that you puppy gets the proper nutrition and will have less waste. Instructions on the puppy food bag should be sufficient. If you feel your puppy isn't eating enough or eating very well you may add a tablespoon of soft dog food with the hard dog food, as they are used to this through their weaning process with me. They may gradually be taken off the soft food after they are adjusted. 
  Puppies love to be given toys and chews. They are cutting teeth just like a child and need this chewing exercise so as they don't get to chewing anything they aren't supposed to! I do recommend crate training which you must be consistent, so the puppy won't get off schedule. Some individuals have mentioned litter box training, which sounds great if you live in an apartment or weather is inclement outside. Puppy pads work well too if you are training in inclement weather, remember to place the puppy pad by the door that you want your puppy to go out of. You may want to schedule the puppies feeding so as puppy has less to eat/drink of an evening so puppy can get thru the night with no accidents.  
 Bathing is recommended on a weekly basis. There are many products for ear cleaning that leave a pleasant smell. I strongly recommend once a month spot on treatment for external pests that can be annoying for you and your pet. Gently combing puppy's hair and handling their feet regularly helps to ensure that they behave for vet and grooming appointments if you do this often enough your puppy may enjoy these visits. 
  If you have any questions or want any more information feel free to contact us. Updated pictures and stories are always welcome! Thank You for giving our puppy a loving home.