Previous  Puppies
Here is Piper with his new girls in Chicago. He is first generation cockapoo. 
Shirley got her new little boy right before Christmas.  This is him on his first day at Shirley's in Illinois! He is a first generation cockapoo.
This is a roan parti 1st generation cockapoo she is living in her new home in Indiana.
Jo Jo living with his new family in Massachusetts. First generation Cockapoo
Lewie 2nd generation chocolate party, living in his new home with the Dahlstroms in Iowa.(Having a Merry Christmas!)
Marley 2nd generation  buff parti boy living with his new family it Massachusetts.
Jazzy living with her new family in Illinois.  Marley's full sister (2nd generation)
Fanny living with her new girl.  Fanny is a full sibling to Marley and Jazzy(above) they are all 2nd generation.
"Leo" living with his new family in Kansas City MO.
Tino and Monaco Living it up in WA with Haris and David!  They will be joined by their new sister THeia(Tino's dad and Monaco's mom!)
Tino as a baby!
Frankie living with the Valente family!
Dusty living  with his new family Jenna and Joey in NY